CamBam 0.8

Scans the Gcode and creates tool paths for the CNC machines
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Loads the common CAD files like DXF and 3DS and manipulates them with the help of the built-in geometry engine to produce tool paths and gcode data for the CNC machines. Includes 2.5D profiling and pocketing, True Type TTF font support, scripts encoded with VBScript or JScript with partial 3D support.

CamBam is a CAD / CAM application designed to take common CAD files such as DXF and 3DS, manipulate drawings using CamBam's internal geometry engine then produce tool paths and gcode for CNC machines. Some key features include:
- 2.5D profiling and pocketing.
- Toolpaths from True Type (TTF) Text.
- Fully scriptable using VBScript or JScript.
- Some 3D support is appearing.
- The application is extentable by user written addins written in a variety of .NET supported languages include C/C , C#, Visual Basic.
- Bitmap to heightmap included for rudimentary 3D machining from photographs.

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